Lisa Greer


Coaching, Speaking and Consulting

Lisa Greer offers a unique opportunity by actively working with nonprofit organizations to teach fundraisers about the donor side of the equation and providing crucial insights into understanding how donors feel when approached by nonprofits. Working with Lisa means unlocking valuable strategies to engage donors, increase impact, and foster a more honest philanthropic culture. Ready to transform your fundraising strategy? Explore Lisa’s coaching services today.

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As one of the most sought-after speakers on the philanthropy conference “circuit”, booking Lisa is certain to enhance your event, company function, or workshop via her captivating, honest and fearless way of reaching audiences. Lisa will meticulously craft a unique and personalized presentation based on your desired theme, topic, or needs, drawing from her extensive experience as a major donor and board member. Grounded in statistics and proven strategies, Lisa’s presentations ensure a unique and meaningful impact on your audience.

Investment: Prices for speaking engagements vary. Please inquire for detailed pricing information.

group coaching

Learn from a major donor how to elevate and broaden your team’s impact with Lisa’s specialized group coaching, tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. Empower your organization’s staff with Lisa’s customized sessions, facilitating the growth and success of your organization.

Investment: Tailored pricing for organizational group sessions (inquire for details).

individual coaching

Lisa’s individual coaching services help you better understand the perspective of the donor, opening up a huge opportunity to grow your database and help you reach and engage with more long-term financial partners. Lisa will tailor a coaching plan that precisely meets your needs, aiming to elevate your impact and increase efficiencies. She will teach you how to create an authentic relationship with a donor from the get-go, and to use proven strategies to keep that donor supporting your organization long-term.

Investment: $350/hour or $1200 for a four-hour package (multiple sessions).

hear from Lisa's clients

“Lisa’s help was invaluable. Stepping into the shoes (and mindset) of a donor is not something that came naturally to me when I started major gift fundraising. Having her perspective and guidance made a very real difference in helping our organization to understand the “other side” of philanthropy…through the most important lens – that of the philanthropist! Her perspective and guidance made a real difference for us on all levels.”

Beth Schuman

Executive Director of Combatants
for Peace

“The woman in charge of digital marketing is very pleased with the stats – she expected less. With regards to the info, I wasn’t that surprising. What did surprise me was 35% of the respondents who would like a quarterly report.  Another 30% said whenever there is an interesting accomplishment.  I thought most would want only once a year. I was surprised that only 35% were interested in our work with children and youth – I thought it would be much more actually and 50% of the respondents want to deepen their relationship with the organization so we are contacting each and every one of them. Many thanks for your help.”

Beth Schuman

Executive Director of Combatants
for Peace

“If you are a seasoned fundraiser, you know there is an overwhelming amount of information on fundraising out there and let’s be honest, most of it, is just not useful or antiquated… Lisa Greer offers a fresh perspective on fundraising, from the donor’s perspective, genius! A rare glimpse into the world of a major donor, how she navigates her personal philanthropy and finding meaningful and authentic relationships with fundraisers and organizations. Every fundraiser should read her book. Throw out your old-school ideas of cold calls and quotas and join the modern era of fundraising.”

Adam Friedman

Chief Marketing & Advancement Officer of Saban Community Clinic

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