Lisa Greer


About Lisa

In her writing, speaking, and consulting work, Lisa’s mission is to “Save Giving”.

Why would a major donor spend time teaching fundraisers how to do better?

Lisa wants nonprofits and fundraisers to be successful in their quest to create measurable impact aligned with their organization’s goals.

Fundraising is tough work, and all organizations need ongoing funding to be sustainable. Through statistics and stories, Lisa explains that without making substantive changes in the way they fundraise and interact with their donors, thousands of nonprofits will go out of business. The time to make fundamental change is now.

In early 2012, Lisa Zola Greer and her husband Josh experienced a transformative life change as they became members, almost overnight, of the 1%, sparking a desire to share their new wealth with impactful and compelling charitable causes. As newcomers to the world of charitable giving, Lisa and her husband found themselves frustrated and shocked by the impersonal interactions, scripted engagements and dated methods pervasive in the nonprofit sector. This initial exposure prompted Lisa, an accomplished businesswoman, to look deeper into the industry to determine if her experience was unusual. She was surprised to discover that her experience reflected that of most donors today, regardless of means, and that the way most fundraising is conducted is antiquated, inefficient, and in the long term, unsustainable.

After several years studying the sector, continually experiencing the same issues, and recognizing that millions of donors shared the same negative experience with giving, Lisa decided to promote fundamental change in how fundraising is done by teaching nonprofits how to do better. Her methodology focuses on teaching nonprofit fundraisers how to build long-term, authentic, and mutually productive relationships between donors and nonprofits. To be successful, Lisa stresses the importance of seeing donors as people — instead of simply as a source of revenue. In changing this mindset and building authentic relationships, more donors will support more organizations, and the sector will be revitalized, resulting in increased opportunities for growth and impact.

Today, Lisa writes, teaches, and advises fundraisers throughout the world on incorporating the donor perspective into all their fundraising activities. As a fundraising coach, nonprofit changemaker, major donor, and author of the bestselling book “Philanthropy Revolution,”. Lisa is on a mission to “Save Giving”. Her second book, “The Essential Fundraiser’s Handbook,” will be released in 2024. Between her books, her teaching, and her highly successful blog, Philanthropy 451, Lisa helps nonprofits see a clear path to sustainable and long-term success — supported by data, statistics, and interviews.

With her guidance and unique approach, the nonprofit world will witness engaged and energized donors, efficient organizations, and a more honest, sustainable philanthropic culture that fosters lasting and mutually respectful relationships between charities and the donors that support them.