Lisa Greer

Philanthropy Revolution: How to Inspire Donors, Build Relationships, and Make a Difference


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In the first book on philanthropy written from a donor’s perspective, businesswoman and philanthropist Lisa Greer lifts the lid on our charitable sector, with an authentic account that describes exactly how outdated the sector has become and why it’s at risk of collapse.

Weaving in her story of overnight wealth and philanthropy, Lisa showcases the latest research, as well as dozens of interviews with donors, nonprofit professionals, and leading academics in the field. She also provides much-needed ethical solutions that apply to any business, including:

Philanthropy Revolution is the handbook all fundraisers, nonprofits, and donors should be using to create trusting, authentic partnerships that can be sustained long-term. Philanthropy is changing dramatically and it needs nothing short of an intervention to succeed. In this book, Lisa Greer shows us how to ‘save giving’ by providing a clear path to success. With her help, the nonprofit world will see its donors energized, its charities better supported and its impact increased, all while building a more honest philanthropic culture.

“One of Book Authority’s “Four Best New Philanthropy Audiobooks” of 2021″

“I read your book which literally changed my life. Your book inspired me to pivot into creating a new business with my best friend to quite literally practice what you wrote about.” – Marla Werner, Executive Director of Segal Family Foundation

“Human and entertaining for the widest possible audience…By providing a roadmap, Greer and Kostoff shine a spotlight and scream in the most eloquent way possible.” –

“Effective… empowering and fire-inducing.”
– Colin Jordan, Review of Medium.Com

“I came across your book when I was doing a deep-dive on how to fundraise money for a non-profit, and woowweeee, has it been a guiding light for me! I’m coming into an organization that I dearly love, but has only a board that runs it, which meant that I would be the first employee that it would have. I’m honored to have this opportunity, even though it came with a slight caveat that I proposed — find my own funding for this position. Maybe a bit of young, naive energy, but I felt confident to take it on! I’ve never been a director before or done major fundraising, and I’m a 26-year-old Hispanic woman, so I felt out of my depth for sure. Your book has been so helpful in navigating this space and doing it in a way that feels genuine. So thank you for spreading your knowledge and guidance to this sector! Hopefully, this email gets to you, I know your inbox may be inundated.” – Kami Bakken