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The Essential Fundraiser's Handbook

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What do donors really want? How can nonprofits engage more donors, raise more money, and build authentic, lasting relationships with their supporters? 

 My latest book, “The Essential Fundraiser’s Handbook”, provides an efficient, comprehensive, and heart-felt roadmap to understand how to engage and retain donors. This book is a follow-up to the bestselling “Philanthropy Revolution”. In this easy-to-use handbook, fundraisers and nonprofit leaders will discover essential strategies and insights for maximizing donations, thinking about and running events, effectively communicating impact, and revolutionizing the fundraising landscape. Drawing on my extensive experience as a major donor and advisor to nonprofits throughout the world, I offers a candid and inspiring guide to help nonprofits increase their revenue and help them to achieve sustainability. The book addresses often-overlooked opportunities, common mistakes, effective tools to use in prospecting and stewarding donors, proven solutions, and innovative new techniques for guaranteeing success and advancing their organizations’ missions. Once again, as the only major donor writing about how a donor feels when interacting with nonprofits and fundraisers, I provide unique insights into what motivates donors to give and give again. 

Available on July 9th!

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